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UNESCO offers its member countries, various forms of cooperation:

The UNESCO Scholarship Programme, the granting and administration of scholarships, study grants and study tours, aims to help develop human resources in strategic areas of national interest and in accordance with organizational organization.

The UNESCO Youth Professionals Programme is offered each year to ten young graduates, under thirty years, the opportunity to do an internship in any of the five areas of UNESCO.

UNESCO offers a variety of vacancies that offer the chance to qualify for jobs in any of the five sectors of the organization (education, culture, natural sciences, social sciences and communication and information).

The Participation Programme functions as a vital component of the regular activities of UNESCO, since it serves to analyze, evaluate and facilitate implementation of national, sub-regional, interregional and regional projects, directly related to their activities.

UNESCO presents various types of acknowledgements included in programs such as Memory of the World, oriented to the assessment and the receipt of Documentary Heritage, the program of Man and the Biosphere, which proposes an interdisciplinary research agenda with the aim of improving the relationship of people with their environment, and the World Heritage for the preservation of sites in the world.

Applications to apply for any of these options and opportunities should be handled only by the National Cooperation Commission for UNESCO (NCCU).

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