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The Organization of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, UNESCO (www.unesco.org) is an intergovernmental body of the UN System whose mission is "to build peace in the minds of human beings through Education, Culture, Natural and Social Sciences and Communication. UNESCO is a laboratory of ideas and a standard for establishing global agreements on ethical principles. Performing the central role in exchange of information and knowledge; Providing assistance to Member States in building human and institutional capacities in diverse fields and promoting international cooperation in the field of Education, Science, Culture and Communication among its 193 Member States and six partner countries.

To achieve these objectives, and from the organic and functional standpoint, UNESCO is structured around many programs in sectors under its coverage, and operates from its headquarters in Paris and from the regional 'cluster' offices and the thematic regional offices. In addition, each member country establishes a National Cooperation Commission, whose function is to ensure coordination of national authorities and the permanent link with the regional offices and the headquarters.

It is therefore a complex structure, with very broad and far-reaching prospects and objectives, which derive no doubt from a worthy declaration of principles.

In this regard, UNESCO is and must remain a major international capacity source for Venezuela. The relevance of its principles and its proximity to the principles of social justice in the Revolution can and should be used for the international projection of the scope of the Bolivarian Government. In fact, this should be the fundamental objective of the National Cooperation Commission to UNESCO in Venezuela: to design and obtain recognition of the achievements of the Bolivarian Revolution within the organization.


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