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The National Commission for Cooperation with UNESCO (CNCU) is the coordinating body of all agencies of the National Public Administration and of those non-governmental entities whose objectives, plans and projects are directly or indirectly related to the activity axis and programs developed by UNESCO. For the organization, the National Commissions are in fact its front-line spokesperson and as such they are the entities through which the governments of the Member States and organized society are linked to.

To date, the CNCU had worked effectively as liaison between the Organization and the State, but not as a coordinating body, it had failed to transcend the operational issue, so that from an institutional, governmental and ultimately political perspective, it is to coordinate actions guided by the national Government in order to plan and achieve recognition of the achievements of the Bolivarian Revolution within UNESCO.

Thus, the fundamental purpose is to upgrade the National Cooperation Commission with the goal of transforming it firstly into a true policy coordinator and secondly, into an ambiance of intellectual debate to raise the standard of the contributions to be made to the design of public policies across the nation and the design and implementation of UNESCO policies.


Secretary General
Tania Delgado Martínez

Deputy Secretary
Porfirio Pestana

Education Sector
Endel Pernía

Natural, Social and Human Sciences Sector
Griset Peña

Cultural Sector
Estefanía Pérez

Communication and Information Sector
Gabriela Vásquez

Transversal Issues, Teaching, UNESCO Centers and UNESCO Associated Schools Project Network
Violeta Antonetti

Documentation, Correspondence and Archives Center
Daniel Juárez

Assistance and Administration
Indhira Graffe


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